Dr. Critter'sTM Pet Reminder Bag
Dr. Critter'sTM Pet Reminder Bag

The easy way to manage your pet's medications and treatments.

1. It Reminds

  • Can be set up for any treatment schedule using labels provided or customizable labels you can

  • A single bag can set up for multiple medications with multiple daily doses.

  • Can make labels in English, French, Spanish or any other language required.

  • The lock position indicates the next dose. This prevents missed doses and double dosing.

  • Acts as a message board between caregivers preventing errors

2. It Stores

  • pills,
  • liquids
  • creams
  • brushes
  • accessories and applicators
  • just about anything else

3. It Protects

  • The Dr. Critter'sTM Pet Reminder Bag allows you to keep the medication in the original containers (as
    pharmacists recommend). This maintains the child resistance that comes with the original packaging.

  • The bag is a locking bag that provides an additional outer layer of child resistance and contamination

  • Keeps refrigerated medications safely separated from food.

  • Keeps your pet's medications separated from your medications.

  • If you have multiple pets, name tags ensure the right pet gets the right medication